Testing Policy Applied to a URL

The Configuration > Group Policy > Policy Test page allows you to test what policy is applied to a specified URL for a specified user.

  1. Enter the URL or IP address that you want to test in the URL or IP address text box.
  2. Enter the name of the user or IP address that you want to test in the Username or IP address text box.

    You must enter either the Active Directory username in the Down-Level Logon Name format (for example, DOMAIN\username), or the eDirectory username (for example, user.context).

  3. Optionally, select the Test for a page request at check box and select the time and day from the adjacent controls.

    You can set the times by clicking beside either the hour, minute, or meridian (AM or PM) setting and scrolling with your mouse wheel until you get the time that you want.

    This option allows you to check the time periods that a time-specific Additional Policy will affect the specified site for the specified user.

  4. Click Test.

    The security risk level, category, and the policy rules for the default, special hours, and additional policies that are applied to that URL or user, as well as any tags that are applied to it, are displayed in the Results section.