Trusted Domains and Subdomains

The web appliance supports trusted domains and trusted subdomains in Active Directory. For example, the root parent domain example.local could have both dev.example.local and sales.example.local as trusted subdomains. This same parent domain could have a trust relationship with another domain, another.local. On Configuration > System > Active Directory, Enter the following:

  • Active Directory domain: Enter the FQDN and not the NetBIOS domain name of the root parent domain.
  • Username: Enter the username without any domain information.
    You should use a Domain Admins user account, or a user account as described in the Requirements for the AD user account knowledgebase article.
  • To enable Active Directory integration for trusted domains not under the root parent domain tree (another.local in the above example), create an Active Directory user account with the same username and password in the trusted domain.