Adding a Search Term Alerts Recipient

You can create a list of recipients who receive an email notification any time that a user query contains a term that has been specified in the Search Terms list.

These notifications are only sent if you have created one or more search terms for reporting. For more information, see “Search Terms” in the Reports documentation.

Note An alert is only issued if the user’s query was sent using Google, Bing, or Yahoo!
  1. On the Configuration > System > Alerts & Monitoring page, select the Search Terms Alerts tab.
  2. Select Enable search term alerts.
  3. In the Alert Recipients text box, enter the full email address of the intended recipient, and click Add.

    The email address that you entered is added to the list.

  4. Click Apply.
Consider the following before adding one or more recipients:
  • Email notifications are sent in clear text, so the contents of the messages are not secure.
  • Sending these notifications may have an impact on performance, especially if numerous search terms have been defined and there are many matches for the terms.