Configuring Syslog

The appliance Syslog capability can send transaction logs to a Syslog server for auditing, storage, and analysis.

  1. On the Configuration > System > Alerts & Monitoring page, select the Syslog tab.
  2. Select the Enable syslog transfer of web traffic check box.
  3. In the Hostname/IP text box, enter the address of the Syslog server to which the appliance will send logs.
    Note If the Syslog server becomes unavailable to the appliance, it is possible that some log information may be dropped before the server becomes available again. The amount of information dropped depends on the duration that the server is unavailable.
  4. In the Port text box, enter the port number that your Syslog server uses.
  5. Select a Protocol option button to select whether the appliance will send Syslog data using UDP, unencrypted TCP, or encrypted TCP. While UDP is faster than TCP, delivery is not guaranteed, and TCP provides more reliable delivery .

    If you select TCP - encrypted, you will need to add the valid signing certificate associated with your syslog server:

    1. Click Choose File and and navigate to the signing certificate that you want to add.
    2. Once the path and filename are shown in the text box, click Upload to add the signing certificate.
    Note Standard UDP and TCP do not provide secure transmission of Syslog data.
  6. Click Apply.