Turning Off/On Sophos Support Alerts

You can turn the alerts that are sent to Sophos Technical Support off or back on. This option is disabled by default, although the current setting is preserved during upgrades. Turning Sophos support alerts off is typically done during testing to avoid unnecessary contact from Sophos Technical Support .
  1. On the Configuration > System > Alerts & Monitoring page, on the Support tab, clear the Activate appliance support alerts check box to suspend the emailing of alerts to Sophos, or select this check box, and fill in all required fields, to turn the emailing of support alerts back on. For more about filling in the required fields, see “Setting a Support Contact”.
  2. Click Apply.

    When the check box is disabled, the status information bar at the top of the window displays the notice, "Sophos proactive monitoring is off".

    Note Be sure that you have turned support alerts back on when you are ready to return the appliance back to normal operation.