Use the Configuration > System > Restore page to restore a configuration and local classifications backup in the event of an undesirable configuration change, an appliance failure, or an appliance replacement.

  1. Access the appliance’s administrative web interface from the system that contains the backup data. Whether it is data that has been saved manually using the Download Now option, or data that has been automatically backed up to an FTP location, it must be accessible from the workstation you are using to restore this backup.
  2. On the Configuration > System > Restore page, click Browse. On your system, navigate to the manually downloaded configuration archive file, or the configuration archive file that you have downloaded from your automatic upload FTP server.

    The path and filename of the backup file are displayed in the Location text box.

  3. Click Restore.

    The progress of the restore operation is displayed in the Status panel.

Please observe the following backup and restore considerations:
  • Appliance backups do not include network settings.
  • Report data for the management appliance should be backed up regularly to protect against the possibility of an appliance failure. Report data is restored through optional steps in the setup wizard for configuring a new management appliance. When selected, you can retrieve the data from an FTP location, and download it to the new appliance.
  • When setting up a replacement management appliance, all web appliances that were previously joined to it must first be reverted to standalone mode, then joined to the new management appliance.
  • The configuration backups do not include FTP, Active Directory, or eDirectory passwords. To ensure that these connections are properly configured, they are disabled after a restore operation, so you must re-enter your usernames and passwords for these connections and re-enable FTP and directory services synchronization on the System: Backup, System: Active Directory, and System: eDirectory pages.
  • You cannot restore system configuration data made from a management appliance to a web appliance and vice versa.
  • You can only restore from a backup that was made under the same major.minor release. For instance, you could restore a version appliance from a backup made under version 3.2.1. But you could not restore that same appliance from a backup made under version 3.1.3.