Time Zone

The Time Zone page always sets the configuration for the local system time only, even on a management appliance. If you want to specify different time zones for the management appliance and joined appliances you must configure each one separately.

Use the Configuration > System > Time Zone page to set the local time that is used to indicate the time in quarantine information, logs, and reports.

By default, Sophos appliances use 0.sophos.pool.ntp.org. If you need to use a different network time protocol (NTP) server to synchronize the appliance time with your Active Directory server, you can do so on this page.

  • To set the time zone, select the zone that is most appropriate for your organization from the Time zone drop-down list, and click Apply.
  • To specify a network time protocol (NTP) server, select the Specify an NTP server to use instead of default check box in the Network Time Protocol server section, enter the IP address or the fully qualified hostname of the NTP server that you want to use in the text box to the right, and click Apply.