Switching from Bridged Mode to Explicit Mode

This page describes the steps required to convert your web appliance from a Bridged Deployment to an Explicit Deployment.

To transition from a Bridged to an Explicit deployment:

  1. Leave the web appliance’s LAN port connection to your organization’s LAN unchanged.
  2. Remove the connection between the web appliance’s WAN port and your organization’s firewall.
  3. On the Configuration > Network > Network Interface page, change the Deployment mode from Bridged to Explicit.
  4. Configure each user’s web browser to use the web appliance via port 8080 as their web proxy for HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. (Ports 3128 and 8081 are also supported, but their use is only suggested if the web appliance is replacing a previous proxy configuration that used one of these ports.)
    Note To add support for HTTPS applications that use non-standard ports, see Add Local Classification.
    Note Configuring all user’s browsers to use the web appliance as a web proxy can be done centrally in Windows networks by using one of several methods. See the Sophos Knowledgebase pages for instructions on how to do this by: