Modifying Lists of Search Terms

You can add, change, and remove words or phrases that are displayed in the “Users By Search Queries” report. Whether you specify one term or multiple terms, they must be contained by a list. Optionally, you can enable substring matches so that user queries containing a portion of any term will match.

To modify search terms:

  1. In the Search terms list, click the list name that you want to edit.

    The Search Terms List dialog box is displayed.

  2. Edit the list as follows:
    • To remove a search term from the list, select the check box next to the term, and click Delete.
    • To add a search term to the list, in the Search terms text box, enter the word or phrase, and click Add.
    • To enable/disable substring matching, select or clear the Include substring matches check box. You can choose to enable/disable this option in each search term list.
  3. Click Save.