Viewing Connected Endpoints

If you are using an appliance together with Sophos Enterprise Console, you can view details of all connected user machines, or specific user machines, that are running Sophos Endpoint Security and Control.

Since this list of endpoints can be very large, you can click Show Filters, and use the available search features to narrow the endpoints that are displayed.

  • On the Dashboard, click Connected endpoints.

    The results of the endpoint search are displayed.

    Each entry shows whether the endpoint is Active, the Machine Name, its IP Address, its Username, and the time that the endpoint was Last Connected.

  • Optionally, click the up/down arrow button that appears immediately to the right of any of the column headers to sort the list according to that header:
    • Active: Sorts the entries according to their activity. By default, active machines are shown first, followed by inactive machines. Regardless of the sort order, a maximum of 1000 endpoints can be displayed. Active endpoints are those that have contacted the appliance within the past hour.

      Active endpoints are indicated by a green status icon; inactive endpoints are indicated by a gray status icon.

    • Machine Name: Sorts the entries alphabetically by the name of the machine that is home to the endpoint software.
    • IP Address: Sorts the entries in numeric order from lowest to highest.
    • Username: Sorts the entries alphanumerically by the username. The username show is either the Active Directory username or the hostname of the connected machine.
    • Last Connected: Sorts the entries chronologically by date and time.
    Note If the text in any field is too long to view, place your mouse pointer over the text and the full text is displayed in a screen tip box.

    To reverse the order of the entries, click on the same up/down arrow button that you clicked previously.

  • To narrow the list of endpoints displayed, click Show Filters. Use the Active drop-down list, to show only Active or Inactive endpoints. You can also can also enter specific search terms for Machine Name, IP Address, and Username. Click Hide Filters if you do not want the advanced search options displayed.
  • Click Refresh to force an update of the list of connected endpoints.