Setting Global Notification Options

The Global options panel allows you to set options that apply to every notification page.

  1. On the Global options panel, select the check box to the left of any of the options that you want enabled.
  2. If you want to display your own graphic on the notification pages, select the Display logo on notification pages option. Select the graphic file on your local (browsing) system by clicking Browse to find the graphic on your local system, and then copy it to the appliance by clicking Upload. If you do not upload your own graphic, the default Sophos logo will be used.
    Note It is suggested that you use .jpeg files because the appliance assigns the graphic a default name of image.jpg. Using .gif or .png files may work because your users’ browsers will likely detect the proper file type, but this might not work with all browsers. The logo graphic must be no larger than 512 Kb.
  3. Click Apply.