Version 3.5.0 New Features

New Feature

Role-based administration has been added to give greater flexibility and control to the administration of appliances. Each admin account can be granted full access permissions, or can be configured to have a more limited role. Limited Access Administrators can only access system management tasks for which they have permissions. Access to reporting and activity log data can also be limited based on reporting groups.

Figure: The new Administrator Roles section of the Administrator Accounts Wizard.

To access this new feature, go to the Configuration > Accounts > Administrators. You can manage the new role-based administration features from the Administrator Accounts Wizard, either when you add a new account, or when you edit an existing one.

There are four different Limited Access Administrators roles available:

  • Helpdesk: Can approve user submissions, test the policies, and verify network connectivity.
  • Policy: Can configures and test global and group web browsing policies.
  • Reporting: Can view or schedule reports.
  • User Activity: Has access to detailed web activity data.

Administrators can be assigned one or more of these roles, giving you the flexibility to delegate as little or as much responsibility as you need to. And for the Reporting and User Activity roles, you can configure the reporting groups for which they're allowed to run reports.