Version 3.5.6 New Features

Sophos Endpoint Protection uses the new Sophos LiveConnect service to link endpoints back to your Appliance when they leave the corporate network. Connected Endpoints can receive policy updates and send web usage reporting data back to your Appliance as it happens, so you maintain visibility, control and protection at all times.

Use of this functionality requires a Sophos Endpoint license. If you already use Sophos Endpoint Protection you will need to upgrade your Enterprise Console and installed Endpoints to version 10.

Your appliance has been updated to provide the following features to support Sophos Endpoint Protection 10:
  • Endpoint web control can be managed on the new Configuration > System > Endpoint Web Control page:

  • There is a new line on the dashboard to display the status of endpoint web control:

    Clicking on the Connected Endpoints line on the dashboard leads to a new Endpoint status page giving details of all connected endpoints.

  • Web usage data from connected endpoints is now included in reports, with the exception of those in the Traffic & Performance group