Version 3.7.4 Features

Enhanced Update Options

On the Configuration > System > Updates page, you can now disable automatic updates. If there are pending software updates, the Available version section will list updates that have not been applied. Selecting the update button for a specific available update will upgrade the appliance to that software revision.

Important Sophos recommends you select Enable automatic updates. If you choose to only update manually, you should still apply updates in a timely manner. If Enable automatic updates is not selected:
  • Critical updates, which can include very important security enhancements, will not be automatically installed.
  • Updating to the latest revision can be a lengthy process, as each available update will be applied one at a time until the system is at the current revision, including reboots for those that require it.
  • When contacting support, you will need to update to the latest revision to properly troubleshoot any issue.