Version 3.9.0 Features

Quota Time

The new quota time feature allows you to limit the time that users spend accessing certain sites, rather than blocking each site completely.

Using Quota Time in Policies

Policies created under Configuration > Group Policy > Additional Policies can be configured using the quota time feature. Quota time allows you to create a policy that allows access to certain sites for a limited amount of time in a day. For instance, you may want to limit access to social media sites without blocking them completely. Using the quota time feature, you can create policies for different users and groups, then limit access based on categories and tags to a specified amount of browsing time.

When quota time has been configured, users will see a page that allows them to select how much quota time they want to use.

After they have used up all of their available quota time, they will be see a block page that informs them they have no quota time remaining, and they will no longer be able to browse to sites that have been limited by quota time.

Quota Time and Users
To help manage quota time, a Configuration > Group Policy > Quota Statuspage has been added. This page allows you to list current quota time. You can filter for specific users, policies or time remaining. If a user needs more browse time, you can also reset their quota time on this page.

New Report
A new report has been added, the Report > Users > Top Users By Quota. This report allows you to look list your top quota time users. By default, the report is sorted according quota time consumed, starting with the largest. You can also sort the results according to hits, or by who has downloaded the largest number of bytes.