Version 4.0.0 Features


For an overview of the new features and enhancements in the Sophos Web Appliance 4.0 release, and a preview of functionality coming in the 4.1 release, see this Sophos Blog Entry on this release.

Performance Improvements

This release of the Sophos Web Appliance includes a new high performance proxy engine. This engine allows more than 100 times the number of concurrent connections, and three to seven times the scanning performance compared to the previous version.

New Report and Search

The new Browse Summary by User report and the ability to search By User Timeline provide powerful tools to investigate web usage for a particular user.

Browse Summary By User

The Reports > Users > Browse Summary By User report provides multiple ways of reviewing the web usage for a specific user.

By User Timeline

The Search > Recent Activity Search > By User Timeline feature allows you to investigate the timeline of a user's browsing history.

Help Improvements

This release includes updates to the interface of the Help system. Improvements include:
  • Navigation breadcrumbs for current location within Help.
  • More accurate Search results.
  • Search terms are now highlighted in the pages returned.
  • A dynamic TOC that follows navigation and highlights your current location within the hierarchy of Help topics.