Version 3.0.1 Release Notes

New Features

Work Order # Description
SUG36558 Increased the number of IP address and ranges that can be exempted from Active Directory authentication in the Configuration > System > Active Directory page's Exempt Authentication dialog box from 100 to 500.

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
DEF36557 Fixed a problem in which the FTP URLs accessed through the appliance were being truncated in the Search > Recent Activity Search pages.
DEF37153 Fixed a problem in which the Concurrent users displayed on the Dashboard would unexpectedly reset to zero when the appliance was under load.
DEF37993 Improved the handling of sites that incorrectly report their files as being compressed.
DEF37822 Improved the detection of the MSI file type and added it to the list of file types in the Download types list in the various policy setting pages.
SUG38965, SUG38798, SUG35778, SUG37065 Added the following to the Sophos list of applications that can be exempted from Active Directory authentication: Lenovo Online Data Backup (OLDB), Microsoft File Transfer Manager, and Microsoft .Net Applications. Also, UPS Worldship now includes v.11.