Version 3.1.0 Release Notes

New Features

User Feedback Capability Added to Block Page
In addition to the existing capability to request a recategorization of a page that has been blocked by policy settings, the ability for users to add comments to their request has been added to the block page. See screen captures.
Search > User Submissions page redesigned
The Search > User Submissions page has been redesigned to show the comments that users can add to their access requests. The allow and delete mechanisms have been improved so that it is now possible to delete multiple entries simultaneously from the list, and apply tags to submitted sites to control site access by policy. See screen capture.
User Submissions: Sites Dialog Box Added
The URL of site requests listed in the Search > User Submissions > Sites page have been hyperlinked to open the User Submissions: Sites dialog box with the information for the selected submission displayed. This dialog box provides the capability to control site access via tags, recategorize submissions, and modify the comment and the URL of the submission for inclusion in the Local Sites List. See screen capture.
Upload Customized Notification Page HTML templates:
Administrators can now edit and upload notification page templates, providing the ability to fully customize the pages that are displayed to users for blocked page notification due to policy restrictions, patience page display for large downloads and scans, and HTTP error page notifications. See screen capture.
User Submissions notification by email:
Administrators can now configure the appliance to email them notifications of user submission requests. This feature is available from the Configuration > System > Alerts page, by setting End user submissions alerts to On. See screen capture.
Prioritized scanning queue:
Enhanced the queuing system so that small objects, such as web pages, are processed quickly.

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
DEF42119 Improved the handling of HTTP cache control headers for Internet Explorer to overcome its compatibility problems.
DEF42270 Improved the detection of .mp4 files.