Version 3.2.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • The web appliance now supports eDirectory, Novell's multi-platform server application for LDAP. To give web appliance access to eDirectory user and group information, click Configuration > System > eDirectory.

  • The web appliance now supports the Cisco Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP). WCCP allows for clustering, failover, and load balancing without additional hardware. If your appliance is configured in Transparent Mode and uses supported routers, you can enable WCCP to route HTTP traffic without configuring your users' browsers. To configure WCCP, click Configuration > Network > WCCP.

  • The web appliance now provides two ways to attribute web requests to users. Although appliances deployed in Explicit mode have always authenticated all requests against Active Directory, the web appliance can now also identify users based on the IP address of the machine being used. To continue authenticating all user requests, you can select Authenticate all requests against Active Directory, or you can clear this check box to identify users based on the IP addresses of their machines.

    Note To provide better compatibility with applications that do not support Active Directory authentication, turn this option off. If your web appliance was configured in the Explicit Deployment mode prior to the upgrade, it will continue to authenticate all web requests against Active Directory. To changes this option, click Configuration > System > Active Directory.
  • The web appliance now supports Active Directory in Explicit, Bridged or Transparent deployments.

    Note Active Directory integration is also supported for other forms of deployment. See the Network Deployment Guide in your online documentation for more information.
  • After you log in, you can bookmark pages in the Administration Web Interface of the web appliance using your web browser.