Version 4.1.0 Release Notes


The 4.1.0 release introduces policy control for Web Applications. The Configuration > Group Policy > Default Policy > Web Applications page, and the Additional Policy wizard, now allow you to configure policy for popular web applications such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and to control access to specific features within these applications. These settings take precedent over policies configured for categories or tags.

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
NSWA-719 Resolved an issue where some HTTPS policy events were not properly logged or included in reports.
NSWA-696 Resolved an issue where the SWA was not using the proper imported certificate for portal authentication.
NSWA-677 Improved support for IE8 and older browsers.
NSWA-693 Resolved an issue where the Browse Summary By User report was not accessible to the Reporting user.
NSWA-331 Properly support special characters in administrator passwords.
NSWA-447 Removed support for RC4 ciphers for internal communication to improve security.
NSWA-589 Improved support for mobile versions of webmail sites.
NSWA-587 Resolved an issue where block pages did not properly display the reason field.