Version 4.2.0 Release Notes


The 4.2.0 release introduces Sophos Sandstorm, a cloud service that executes and analyzes suspicious downloads. See the 4.2.0 new features for more information.

Version 4.2.0 includes:

  • NSWA-764, NSWA-757 The trusted certificate authority (CA) list has been updated with the latest certificates from Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple.
  • NSWA-703 Creative Commons filtering has been added to augment Google SafeSearch and help filter more inappropriate images.
  • NSWA-564 The number of tags that can be used in an additional policy has been increased.

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
NSWA-546 An issue has been resolved that could cause some requests to trigger a scan when the request was terminated early.
NSWA-549 To prevent an error from occurring, the appliance now only deflates zlib data that is larger than 5 bytes.
NSWA-539,NSWA-552 Two issues have been resolved that could potentially cause segfaults.
NSWA-761 New types of certificates can now be used with certificate validation. Compatibility with existing certificates has been preserved.
NSWA-767 Caching now manages files correctly for trusted sites.
NSWA-771 When an entry is added or removed from the HTTPS scanning exemption list on a Sophos Management Appliance (SMA), the updated list now propagates automatically to any associated Sophos Web Appliance (SWA).
NSWA-779 Resolved an issue that could prevent some streaming audio from playing correctly.
NSWA-804 The quota page table now displays correctly in Internet Explorer 11.