Version 4.3.5 Release Notes

This release includes the following updates and fixes.

Resolved Issues

Work Order Description
NSWA-1284 Fixed an issue in which using an upstream proxy could cause error messages on managed endpoints.
NSWA-1338 Fixed an issue in which the system status stayed in an error state after recovering from issues with Sophos LiveConnect.
NSWA-1383 Added support for the new Asia Pacific Sandstorm data center.
NSWA-1404Increased compatibility and security of syslog.
NSWA-1516Fixed a cache issue when editing the local site list, in which entries could be duplicated or not saved correctly.
NSWA-1520Fixed an issue with memory management.
NSWA-1522Fixed an issue in which LinkedIn would be blocked due to an invalid response.
NSWA-1525Fixed an issue using special characters for FTP backups.
NSWA-1528Fixed an issue where FTP backups could not recover after a failure.
NSWA-1534Fixed an issue where AD could fail due to DNS lookup.
NSWA-1540Fixed an issue that could cause updates to hang if there were network problems.