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Edit mode

Edit mode lets you make multiple changes at once. This can be helpful when configuring similar settings across multiple frequency bands or creating lists, such as users or MAC addresses.

To use edit mode, do as follows:

  1. Sign into the access point CLI.
  2. Enter the following command:

    edit start
  3. Type Y and press enter.

    The prompt will change to show that you're now in edit mode.

  4. Enter all of the commands you want to execute, one at a time, and press enter after each command.

  5. Enter the following command to apply your changes and exit edit mode.

    edit end

Here's an example:

man$ edit start
Start edit. Continue (Y/N) y
man[edit]$ radius internal enable
man[edit]$ radius internal shared_key P@ssw0rd
man[edit]$ radius 2.4g primary type internal 
man[edit]$ radius 5g primary type internal 
man[edit]$ radius admin add josmith JohnSmith1
man[edit]$ radius admin add jasmith JaneSmith1
man[edit]$ config timezone 13
man[edit]$ edit end
Apply change , Please wait for 58 seconds.