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Update firmware

You can choose to update the firmware automatically from Sophos Central or by uploading firmware to the access point.


Don't switch off or disconnect the access point during a firmware upgrade, as this could damage the device.


For the latest firmware, you must register your access point with Sophos Central and have a valid support subscription. See Register an access point.

Firmware Location

You can configure the access point to update firmware from the following locations:

  • Auto: Update firmware automatically from Sophos. You can see the following settings:

    • Current Firmware Version: This shows the access point's current firmware version.
    • Server Firmware Version: This shows most recent firmware version available from Sophos.
    • Status: Shows whether the access point is up to date.
  • a file on your PC: Upload firmware from your local device.

    • Select Choose file to upload firmware from your local computer in .tar.gz.sig format.

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