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Date and Time

You can configure the date and time settings of the access point. You can configure the date and time of the device manually or synchronize it with a time server.

Date and time settings

You can manually set the Local time for your access point using the drop down menus.

Click Acquire Current Time from Your PC to set the values automatically according to your computer’s current time and date.

NTP Time Server

The access point also supports Network Time Protocol (NTP) for automatic time and date setup. To synchronize the time with a NTP server, configure the following options.

  • Use NTP: Turn NTP on or off.
  • Auto daylight saving: Automatically adjusts for daylight saving time.
  • Server name: Select a time server from the drop-down menu or choose User-defined to enter a server name.
  • Update interval: Sets the frequency, in hours, that the access point synchronizes with the NTP server.

Time Zone

Select your time zone from the drop-down menu. If your country or region isn’t listed, select another country or region with the same time zone.