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AP6 power requirements

Sophos AP6 access point power requirements vary by model. Your access points will only function if connected to a sufficient power source.

DC power adapter

The AP6 420 is available with a DC power adapter. The access point may still show an insufficient power warning when using the DC power adapter if the power sourcing equipment (PSE) doesn't meet the minimum PoE standard. We don't recommend using the DC power adapter and PoE simultaneously to avoid this warning.

PoE requirements

AP6 series access points support LLDP-MED for power negotiation with PSE. The following table shows the AP6 PoE requirements:

Model Power requirement Minimum PoE standard
AP6 420 17 W 802.3at
AP6 420E 21 W 802.3at
AP6 420X 21 W 802.3at
AP6 840 25.5 W 802.3at
AP6 840E 40 W 802.3bt


Passive PoE devices aren't supported.

Insufficient power warning

If you connect your access point to an insufficient power source, it turns off all radios, and you'll see a warning message at the top of every page in the UI.

Here's an example:

AP is powered on insufficient power.

If you manage your access point in Sophos Central, you'll see the following warning in the Radio configuration section of the access point Settings page:

This radio is not supported in this location.


If you change the power settings of the PSE after the access point has started, you must restart the access point for the new power settings to take effect.