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MAC filter

MAC filtering is a security feature that helps to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to your access point. You can define a list of endpoint devices allowed to connect to the access point by adding their unique MAC addresses to the MAC address filtering table. The access point denies access to devices not on the list of permitted MAC addresses. You can add up to 256 entries to the MAC address filtering table.

Add MAC addresses

You can configure the following options:


You can't turn MAC address filtering and Bandsteering on simultaneously.

  • Enable wireless access control: Turns MAC address filtering on or off.
  • Wireless access control mode: Choose one of the following modes:

    • Whitelist: The access point only allows the addresses listed in the MAC address filtering table to connect. The access point blocks all other MAC addresses.
    • Blacklist: The access point allows all MAC addresses to connect except those listed in the MAC address filtering table.

Enter up to 256 MAC addresses, separated by commas, into the Add MAC addresses field and click Add to add them to the MAC address filtering table.





You can click Reset to clear all text from the field.

MAC address filtering table

The access point lists all MAC address entries in the MAC address filtering table.

To remove addresses from the MAC address filtering table, select the addresses you want to delete and click Delete selected.

To delete all MAC addresses, click Delete all.


There's no confirmation or warning when you click Delete all. When you click the button, all MAC addresses are immediately deleted.

Click Export to save a copy of the MAC address filtering table. In the window that opens, select a location to save the file.