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You can use mesh networks to extend the range of a wireless network or connect two physical network segments without cables.

Mesh network

You can see the name of the mesh network and how many nodes are connected to it. Nodes includes root and node access points. The information displayed is as follows:

  • Node: The name of the mesh access point.
  • MAC address: The MAC address of the access point.
  • IP address: The IP address of the access point.
  • Type: Shows whether the access point is root or node.
  • Hop: Shows how many hops from your current access point to that access point.
  • Signal: Shows the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). RSSI estimates the strength of a wireless signal at the endpoint device. The closer the value is to zero, the stronger the signal is.

Click Refresh to refresh the mesh network information.

Click Edit to edit the mesh network settings.

Create mesh

To create a mesh network, you must configure the root and each node individually. Do as follows:

  1. Sign in to the AP6 GUI.
  2. Go to Wireless Settings > Mesh.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. Enter a Mesh ID. This is the SSID of the mesh network.


    Only access points can see or connect to the Mesh ID.

  6. Enter a Password.

  7. Select the frequency band.
  8. Choose whether this access point is Root or Node.


    The root access point must have an equal or greater radio capacity than all node access points configured within the mesh network.

  9. Click Apply.

  10. Click Apply to apply the setting or Continue to configure more settings before saving.

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