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Internal server

The access point features a built-in RADIUS server. You can turn it on by selecting Internal for RADIUS type. See RADIUS settings.

You can configure the following settings for the internal RADIUS server:

  • Internal server: Turn the access point’s internal RADIUS server on or off.
  • EAP internal authentication: Select EAP internal authentication from the drop-down menu. You can choose PEAP (MS-PEAP) or PAP.
  • EAP certificate file format: Displays the EAP certificate file format: PCK#12(*.pfx/*.p12)
  • EAP certificate file: Click Upload to open a new window and select the location of an EAP certificate file to use. The internal RADIUS server will use a self-signed certificate if no certificate file is uploaded.
  • Shared secret: Enter a shared secret between 1 – 99 characters in length for use between the internal RADIUS server and RADIUS clients.
  • Session-timeout: Set a session timeout duration in seconds between 0 – 86400. The default is 3600.
  • Termination-action: Select a termination-action attribute:

    • Reauthentication (RADIUS-request): Devices send a RADIUS request to the access point for reauthentication.
    • Don't reauthentication (Default): The device terminates the session and isn't automatically reauthenticated.
    • Don't send: Devices don't send a termination-action attribute to the access point.