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Walled garden

A walled garden restricts devices to a specific list of domains or IP addresses.

Walled garden for SSID (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz)

To turn on walled garden for your SSIDs, select Enable next to the SSIDs and click Apply.

Once the walled garden is turned on, click Edit next to the SSID you want to edit, select Enable, and you can configure the walled garden options.

Add walled garden URL/IP address

To add a URL or IP address to the walled garden, enter it into the URL/IP address field and click Add.

Click reset to clear all data from the field.

Walled garden table

You can manage your URLs and IP addresses in the Walled garden table.

To delete URLs and IP addresses, select the URL or IP address you want to delete and click Delete selected.

To delete all URLs and IP addresses, click Delete all.