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Jira integration permissions

Information on the Sophos Cloud Optix parameters used in Jira Integration.

This section describes all the requirements, permissions used, and fields accessed when creating, updating, or deleting Jira tickets from Sophos Cloud Optix.

Create ticket

To create tickets in Jira you need the following:

  • The Jira username must have permission to create tasks and sub-tasks in Jira.
  • Your Jira configuration must allow all the fields referenced in the table to be set when creating a ticket.
  • The priority configured in Jira Integration must match that in Jira exactly (it is case-sensitive).

Sophos Cloud Optix fields are used to populate fields in Jira in the following ways:

Jira field name Description
Title Sophos Cloud Optix: Cloud-Provider : Account Name - Alert Summary.
Description Alert ID, Alert Summary, Policy Name, Alert Description, Alert Remediation.
Type Set to Task or Sub-Task, depending whether Alert Post By: is set to Consolidated or AffectedResources.
Reporter UserName as specified in Jira Integration.
Labels Sophos Cloud Optix Alert: Account-Id, Alert-Id, Alert Summary, Account name.
Priority Controlled by the Jira priority settings in Alert Levels in Jira Integration.
Comment Populated after the Jira ticket is created, using AffectedResources.

Update ticket

The username must have permission to comment in Jira.

Jira field name Description
Comment Populated using AffectedResources.

Delete ticket

To delete tickets in Jira:

  • The username must have permission to resolve tickets in Jira.
  • The Close Transition name must exactly match the one in Jira.
Jira field name Description
Status Done.
Comment Alert Alert ID has been closed by Sophos Cloud Optix.