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You can integrate Sophos Cloud Optix with Sophos Central and other business tools to automate cloud security monitoring, GRC (governance, risk and compliance) and DevSecOps processes.

Integration with Sophos Central

You can integrate Sophos Cloud Optix with Sophos Central in the following ways.

  • Upload data to the Sophos Data Lake to run Live Discover queries in the Threat Analysis Center. See Sophos XDR Integration.
  • Combine Sophos Cloud Optix with the Sophos Server Protection agent in Sophos Central to improve server protection. See Sophos Server Protection integration.
  • Send supported alerts and events if you have Sophos MDR. See Sophos MDR.

Integration with other business tools

You can also integrate Sophos Cloud Optix with your existing business tools such as Jira, Slack, Teams, Splunk and others. If your system isn't on the list, you can use the webhooks feature to design your own integration. You can also use webhooks to integrate with proprietary systems. See Webhooks integration

To add and customize these integrations, click Integrations.