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Last update: 2022-05-13

Sophos Cloud Optix versions

Sophos Cloud Optix licensing is changing soon. For more information, including when the changes take affect, see Changes to Sophos Cloud Optix Standard.

There are two versions of Sophos Cloud Optix, Sophos Cloud Optix Standard and Sophos Cloud Optix Advanced.

An Intercept X Advanced for Server term license includes Sophos Cloud Optix Standard. For more information about licensing, see Licensing.

This includes a set of powerful cloud security features, powered by Sophos Cloud Optix. It's a subset of Sophos Cloud Optix Advanced and you can't buy it separately.

You can upgrade to the full Sophos Cloud Optix Advanced service for additional cloud security features. It's available on subscription or on a free trial.

The table compares the features in the two versions of the product.

Feature Sophos Cloud Optix Standard Sophos Cloud Optix Advanced
Support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and Kubernetes environments Y Y
Security Monitoring (CSPM best practice rules. Automated and on-demand scans.) Daily and on-demand scans Configurable scan frequency
Asset Inventory Y Y
Advanced search capabilities Y Y
AI-powered Anomaly Detection Y Y
SophosLabs Intelix malicious traffic alerts - Y
Email Alerts Y Y
AWS Service Integrations
(SSM, GuardDuty, Inspector, IAM Access Analyzer)
Microsoft Azure Advisor integration Y Y
Cloud Workload Protection: Agent discovery Y Y
Cloud Workload Protection: Automatic agent removal Y Y
Compliance Policies and Reports CIS Y
Custom Policies - Y
Network Visualization - Y
IAM Visualization - Y
Spend Monitor - Y
Alert Management Integrations
(Jira, ServiceNow, Slack, Teams, PagerDuty, Amazon SNS)
- Y
SIEM integrations
(Splunk, Azure Sentinel)
- Y
Rest API - Y
IaC Template Scanning
- Y
Environment Access Control - Y
Container image scanning
(ECR, ACR, DockerHub, API)
- Y

Accessing Sophos Cloud Optix Standard

If you have an Intercept X Advanced for Server term license, Cloud Optix appears in Sophos Central Admin, under My Products.

To use Sophos Cloud Optix Standard click Cloud Optix.

Use of Sophos Cloud Optix is governed by the Sophos Services Agreement. You must accept this agreement in Sophos Central to use it.

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