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Monitoring and alerts

Sophos Cloud Optix regularly monitors your cloud environments and raises alerts if suspicious activity is found.

You can read about the techniques you can use here. You can do the following.

  • Navigate through alerts and discover how to remediate them. See Alerts.
  • Find out about our anomaly detection and how to use it. See Anomaly detection.
  • Search your inventory data, and save searches that run automatically. See Search.
  • See a graphical representation of your cloud environment and its components. See Network Visualization.
  • Use IAM visualization to analyze relationships between your AWS identity and access management (IAM) principals, services, and resources. See IAM visualization.
  • Configure Spend Monitor to spot unexpected cloud service charges. This quickly identifies unauthorized usage and helps control cloud infrastructure costs. See Spend Monitor.
  • Set up a regular report. See Weekly summary report.