Network visualization

Sophos Cloud Optix provides network visualization for your cloud environment.

The Topology section shows high-level and detailed information on your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP networks, virtual machines, and any interconnections.

For example, the high-level view for AWS will show all VPCs in your AWS environment, along with any peer connections. This helps you understand entry and exit points that may need more security.

Note If you've deployed Sophos XG Firewall devices and Sophos UTM devices, you'll see these in the network visualization. You must add them from AWS Marketplace to see them in the network visualization.

To use network visualization, do as follows:

  1. Click Network visualization.
  2. Select the environment type, for example AWS.
  3. Click any VPC to see detailed traffic flow and security information.

This shows the major resources of the VPC, including computer instances (EC2) and storage databases.

Note If you have a large network layout, you can filter the visualization by tags, security groups, id or name.
Note You can also export a visualization. Click the export icon to generate an SVG file of the current view.