Assign a role to the AWS account chosen as your master account

You must first choose an AWS account as your master account.

Choose an AWS account to be your master account. To assign the appropriate role to this account, do as follows:

  1. Sign into the AWS console using the account you have chosen.
  2. Click the Launch Stack button here to go to the Quick stack create page with the correct parameters: Launch Stack button
    Note You must click the Launch Stack button on this help page. It is configured with the correct parameters.
  3. In Quick create stack check the Template URL is
  4. Check that the Stack name is CloudOptixStackSetAdmin.

    This image shows the correct name.

    Screenshot showing Stack name field
  5. Turn on I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names
  6. Click Create stack to create the role in your master account.
  7. Sign out of your AWS console.