Add AWS environments using Terraform

You can add your AWS environments to Sophos Cloud Optix using our Terraform template.

You must use version 0.12 of Terraform.

To add an AWS environment, do as follows.

  1. Go to Settings, then click Add Environments > AWS.
  2. Click Choose a full setup option > Terraform.

    The Add your AWS environment assistant appears.

  3. Choose an installation method from the following:
    • Use standard setup and click Continue.
    • Customize your setup and click Continue.

    If you choose Customize your setup, you're asked questions about your CloudTrail log files and VPC flow log files.

    Your Terraform script appears.
  4. Follow the instructions to download and run the Sophos Cloud Optix template.
  5. Copy the AWS account ID and IAM role from the output of the Terraform template. You'll need this later. Click Continue.
    Generate the command to add your AWS account appears.
  6. Answer the questions, using the AWS account ID and IAM role you copied earlier. Click Generate command.
    A customized curl command appears.
  7. Copy the curl command and run it. This adds your AWS account to Sophos Cloud Optix.

Your account appears in Environments.