Add code repositories using Bitbucket

Sophos provides a Bitbucket app that you can install to give Sophos Cloud Optix access to your repositories.

To install the Bitbucket app, do as follows:

  1. Go to Settings and click Add Environments.
    Add your cloud environment appears.
  2. Select IaC.
  3. Click Integrate with Bitbucket.
  4. Read the instructions, then click Connect to Bitbucket.

    The Bitbucket sign-in screen appears.

    Screenshot of Bitbucket account selection screen
  5. Select a Bitbucket account or team that you own, then click Grant access.

The Environments page in Sophos Cloud Optix appears.

Note The repositories you've given Sophos Cloud Optix access to appear in IaC Environments. Repositories are shown as Pending until a new change occurs in the repository. Sophos Cloud Optix scans IaC templates in a repository when a change is first seen. The repository then shows as Active.