Integrate with Jira

You can create or update Jira tickets from Sophos Cloud Optix alerts.

In Jira Integration, you configure the link between your Sophos Cloud Optix account and your Jira account so that the two services can interact. In Jira integration permissions, you can find more detail on the Sophos Cloud Optix fields and permissions and how they're used in Jira.

In Sophos Cloud Optix, do as follows:

  1. Go to Settings and click Integrations.
  2. Click Jira.
  3. Click Enable.
  4. Enter your Jira URL and the username and password needed to connect to it.
  5. Enter the Jira project key for the project where you want the tickets to be created.
  6. In Alert Levels:
    1. Select which Sophos Cloud Optix alerts create Jira tickets.
    2. Optionally, change the Jira priority set for each alert level in Sophos Cloud Optix.
  7. Select Automatic to have Jira tickets created automatically when there's an alert.

    If you don't select this, the alert in Sophos Cloud Optix includes an option to create a Jira ticket manually.

  8. In Alert Post By, choose how Jira updates tickets.
    • Consolidated: Updates the existing Jira ticket if another resource is affected by the same alert, or if the status changes (as in the Sophos Cloud Optix alerts page). This is the default.
    • Affected Resources: Creates a parent Jira ticket containing only the title of the alert. Then creates a separate Jira sub-task for each resource affected by the alert, puts the alert details in it, and links it to the parent.
  9. Click Save.

In your alerts, you'll now see an option to create a Jira ticket (if you accepted manual ticketing).

If a Jira ticket has been created for an alert, a ticket icon appears Jira ticket icon in the alert details. You can click the icon to go to the Jira ticket.