View host details

Sophos Cloud Optix shows details of hosts in your environment.

To view details:
  1. Go to Visualize, and click Network Visualization.
  2. Select the environment type (for example, AWS) in the upper right of the page.
  3. Click on a VPC.
    A map with one or more host icons appears. If we detect Sophos UTMs, they also appear, with a different icon.
    Table 1.

    Example Icon


    Host icon


    Sophos UTM icon

    Sophos UTM

  4. Click on a host or UTM.

    The Details section updates with information about the host, including inbound and outbound traffic ports, outbound traffic IPs, security groups, and tags applied to the host.

    For a UTM, you see the UTM version number, deployment type (standalone, HA or autoscaling), and a link to the UTM webadmin UI.