View traffic flow

Sophos Cloud Optix lets you view and analyze traffic flow in your cloud environment.

To view traffic flow:

  1. Go to Topology.
  2. Select the environment type (for example, AWS) in the upper right of the page.
  3. Click on a VPC.
  4. You can see a Controls panel on the right of the page.
    1. Select Traffic to view the actual traffic flow. This information is provided by VPC Flow Logs. You can view all traffic, or just the inbound, outbound, or internal traffic. The traffic lines are color coded to help you see which type of traffic is flowing. Click the icon next to Traffic Details to see a key to the colors.
    2. Select Security Group if you want to view the projected traffic pattern as allowed by the security groups configured in your environment.

The information displayed shows which of your resources have access to or from the public internet. This can help you identify areas where additional security may be useful or necessary.

Here's an example.

Traffic flow map