Sophos Central Migration Tool

Sophos Central Migration Tool helps administrators to move management of protected computers from Sophos Enterprise Console to Sophos Central.

For more information, see the Sophos Central Migration Tool help.


Before you use the tool, read Consider possible issues with migration in the help.

For a list of all Sophos Central Migration Tool knowledge base articles, see knowledge base article 122264.

Version 2.1.0 New

New Features

We have improved the migration workflow in Sophos Central Migration Tool.

System requirements

Sophos Central Migration Tool

To use Sophos Central Migration Tool, you need:

You must install Sophos Central Migration Tool on the computer where the Sophos Enterprise Console management server is installed.

Sophos Central

For system requirements for Sophos Central, see knowledge base article 121027.

Computers for migration

To be migrated to Sophos Central, computers must run a supported operating system and not have any Sophos security features that are not supported in Sophos Central.

Sophos Central Migration Tool help

Sophos Central Migration Tool help supports Internet Explorer (8 or later), Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.


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