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Sophos Network Security Hardware

Hardware Models and Revisions

Network Security Hardware (Sophos SG, XG, and XGS Firewall appliances, Access Points, and RED devices) use two levels of numbering:

  • Model number (e.g. XG 210): defines an appliance with a certain performance profile.
  • Revision (e.g. XG 210 rev.5): A new revision enhances a model with new/faster hardware components.
  • Sophos Switch carries a specific limited lifetime hardware warranty.

Standard Hardware EoL Policy

The hardware life cycle applies to a certain model (e.g. the XG 210). The general principles of the Standard Hardware EoL Policy are:

  • Software subscriptions and support services are bound to a model and not to a specific revision.
  • If customers upgrade an older appliance to the most current revision, they can move their existing service contracts to the new revision.
  • In the case of an RMA (exchange of failed hardware) the customer receives a model of the same or newer revision. In case the model has already passed its EoL date but is still under a valid support service or extended warranty contract Sophos will send either a replacement unit of the same model (if available) or an alternative model of the same or better capacity at its discretion. The replacement unit will be shipped with a current software release and might not be able to support the original software release used on the defective unit. Existing subscriptions and support services can be moved to the new unit.
  • If a new Network Security Hardware revision is introduced to the market the last revision is sold as long as stocks last.
  • Older revisions might not be able to support all features of a new software release. Therefore, Sophos may require customers to upgrade to the newest revision of the model or a new model if they want to make use of all software features.
  • If the Software running on an appliance is reaching its EoL customers are required to upgrade to new Software which has been declared as a replacement for the original Software. If the current Hardware model or revision is not supported by a new Software customer is required to upgrade to a newer revision of the model or a new model which is supported by the new Software.

Sophos SG, XG, and XGS Firewall Hardware and Sophos Switch lifecycle

"Hardware lifecycle".

  • Sophos will send an EoL notification to channel partners usually giving them a 90-day notice period before the EoS date allowing them to make final purchases.
  • After the EoS date support and hardware maintenance will be provided to customers with a valid support and warranty contract for the Post-EoS-Support Phase, i.e. until the End-of-Life date of the hardware. In case service contracts are still valid beyond this End-of-Life date remaining terms can be moved to supported replacement hardware.
  • The duration of the Post-EoS-Support Phase is 3 years for SG/XG Firewalls and 5 years for XGS firewalls and Sophos Switches.
  • The last date to order an extension for warranty, technical support and subscription service contracts is 12 months before the End-of-Life date for the relevant product.
  • After the EoS date, the then-current major software/ feature release version (see Retirement calendar) will be supported for this model until the End of Life date for the relevant product.