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Sophos Network Security Lifecycle Policy

Retirement calendarsSophos Network Security software is continuously enhanced with new features and technologies protecting against most recent threats. For this reason, new software releases are launched regularly.

To keep the same or better level of performance with ever-increasing software features and customer demands, it is sometimes necessary to also update the specification of the hardware. This will typically entail changes to the CPU, memory, disk, and network cards, or even to the whole system. Therefore, Sophos Network Security hardware is updated in regular intervals to make use of the most recent technology innovations

After a certain period, a major architecture change might be required, in which case, Sophos will announce the End-Of-.Sales (EOS) and End-Of-Life (EOL) of the existing product and Sophos might introduce a successor product. To help customers efficiently manage their product EOL-transitions, Sophos will announce the dates for the End of Life and End of Sale stages of its products along with the available migration path typically 90 days before the discontinuation. Sophos aims to maintain its products in line with the statements given herein. However, due to the ever-increasing pace of cybersecurity and evolvement of technology, Sophos might not always be able to follow it.

During its lifecycle a product will pass the following milestones until it reaches its final End-of-Life state:

Life Cycle Milestone Definition
GA Date The date when a product is generally available.
End-of-Sale (EOS) The last date when the related product or service is available for purchase from Sophos.
Last Renewal Date The last date when an existing subscription or support contract for the related product or service can be renewed. Support contract renewals may not extend beyond the EOL date.
End-of-Life (EOL) The date on which Sophos will cease support for the related product or service.
Migration Path A migration path is announced as a recommendation to replace a discontinued product with an alternative one.

This policy covers the following Sophos products:


This policy also applies to Not-For-Resale (NFR) products.