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Sophos SASE Zero Trust Network Access software

Sophos ZTNA software improvements are offered in the following ways:

Feature releases
(expected every 6 months to 1 year)
Maintenance releases
(expected every 1-3 months)
Supported platforms
  • Feature release with significantly improved functionality.
  • Migration is possible via automated updates. Some features might require manual reconfiguration.
  • Older ZTNA gateways and agents revisions might no longer be supported hence requiring a platform refresh
  • Primarily deliver bug fixes and vulnerability fixes.
  • In rare cases also offer small feature enhancements which don’t change the behavior of existing devices
  • Sophos intends to support gateway, connector, and ZTNA endpoints running on virtualization hypervisors, cloud, and endpoint platforms that are respectively supported by the manufacturer.
  • Details on supported platforms can be found in the retirement calendar

Software update entitlements

The Sophos ZTNA licenses entitle customers to receive software (feature and maintenance releases) updates, 24x7 support, and Sophos Central features.

ZTNA Software Version Numbering

Sophos ZTNA gateway

Sophos ZTNA gateway version numbers use the following format:

Feature release version # (Major | Minor) Maintenance Release number

"Sophos ZTNA gateway version numbering".

Sophos ZTNA endpoint

Sophos ZTNA endpoint version numbers use the following format:

"Sophos ZTNA endpoint version numbering".

ZTNA Software Support Policy

The following support policy applies to ZTNA Software:

Maintained Software Releases

Sophos maintains the following two feature release versions (by providing maintenance releases):

  1. The current feature release version.
  2. Another feature release version identified by Sophos at its sole discretion and published in its Retirement Calendar. (These are usually slightly older, but well-adopted feature release versions.)

Supported Software Releases

  • Sophos aims to support the last two maintenance releases of each maintained feature release. Supported maintenance releases are published in the Retirement Calendar.
  • Customers can continue to receive support if their support contract is in effect until the End of Life (EoL) of the software version or the product.
  • In an unlikely event (for example, a third-party component is no longer supported), if Sophos cannot support one of the last two maintenance releases, public notification will be sent out with the upgrade details.
  • If issues on a supported software release require a vulnerability or bug fix, customers may need to upgrade to a maintained software release.
  • The duration of the supported feature release phase is variable (expected around 24 months) and depends on numerous factors like technology innovation, market changes, and customer demands.
  • An EoL notification for the Feature releases is usually sent out to the public 90 days in advance. EoL for the Maintenance releases is published in the Retirement Calendar.