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Create a Customer/Partner care case

Create a Customer/Partner care case for problems with and requests for Support Portal, Partner Portal, licensing, and so on. If you have a technical issue with your products, create a Technical support case instead. See Create a technical support case.

Give as much information as you can when you create a case. You can update cases with additional information. You can’t change the information you provide initially.


By default, we assign cases to an English-speaking support team. To get help in another language, select a team in Preferred team.

To create a care case, do as follows:

  1. Go to Sophos Support and sign in if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Click New Partner/Customer Care Case.

    New Customer/Partner case button.

  3. Enter the information for your problem or request.


    You must enter information in the fields marked *.

  4. Select the Severity for your issue. Choose from the following:

    Option Description
    Critical Complete loss of mission-critical service with no workaround
    High Significant loss or degraded service that is business-impacting
    Medium Minor loss of service or inconvenience. This is the default.
    Low General questions or advice.
  5. Choose your preferred language team in Preferred Team.

    Contact technical support filed.

  6. Enter a short description of the issue in Subject.

  7. Enter a detailed description of the issue in Description.

    Give as much information as you can.

    Subject, description fields.

  8. Choose your product category, if appropriate.

  9. Click Submit.
  10. This creates a case. Click the case number in the notification to go to your case.

    You’ll receive an email containing your case number.

  11. If you have a critical issue, contact us with your case number. See How do I manage a critical issue?