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Escalate a case


You must be a Sophos Partner to do this.

Sophos Support offers partners the ability to escalate cases which require management intervention. Please familiarize yourself with our Target response times and corresponding Severity levels so you’re aware of how cases are handled. If there are issues with case handling which contravene the Target response times, please leverage the escalation protocol at that point for management intervention.

  • Please do not escalate cases to get to the front of the line. As mentioned above, Sophos Support work off Target response times for initial response times.
  • The escalation protocol is available for you should you feel the support process has broken down and requires management intervention.
  • Logging cases electronically will be managed according to the Target response times.
  • If your issue turns urgent, please also call Sophos Support if you need assistance right away.

To escalate a case, do as follows:

  1. Go to Sophos Support and sign in if you aren’t already signed in.
  2. Click Cases.
  3. Find the case number for the case you want to escalate and click it. This opens the case.
  4. Look for Request Escalation.
  5. Select your region.
  6. Enter a reason for your escalation.
  7. Click Escalate.

Escalation request.

A message telling you your case has been escalated appears. Your case is flagged as escalated within the case and in your list of cases.

Escalation checkbox on Case page.

Escalation checkout on All cases page.