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Return merchandise authorization (RMA) is the process of returning a defective hardware device for replacement. You can submit a case to Sophos Support to check if your hardware device is eligible for RMA. Sophos Support investigates and validates your device issue and raises an RMA case if your device is still under warranty. The replacement device, which is of the same model and revision, is shipped by the local RMA center. We reserve the right to send the latest revision, which at least has the same performance as the faulty device.


Contact Sophos Support if you need an identical revision when they raise an RMA case.

RMA process

The RMA process is as follows:

  1. Identify the device failure.
  2. Gather the required device information.
  3. Submit a case to Sophos Support.
  4. If the device is eligible for RMA, the replacement device will be shipped.
  5. Once you receive the replacement device, transfer the license from the faulty device to the replacement device.
  6. Return the defective device.