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Customer Success

The Customer Success team helps Sophos customers achieve their expected business outcomes and improve their post-sales experience when interacting with Sophos.

A named Sophos Customer Success Manager will perform the following:

  • Proactive on-boarding of new Sophos customers
  • Assisting customers implementation of Sophos quickly and effectively
  • Complete On-Boarding telephone/video conference calls
  • Providing monitored email assistance
  • Guiding customers to get the maximum value out of Sophos Products and Services covering the following topics:

    • Self-service
    • Documentation/Knowledgebase
    • Service Updates
    • Sophos Support Services
    • Customer Care Services
    • Training
    • Feature Requests

Furthermore, the Customer Success team helps the customers to:

  • Achieve expected business outcomes

    Customer Success takes on the important responsibility of onboarding new Sophos customers from day one after their purchase until their contract renewal.

  • Shorter time-to-security

    Customer Success will bring appropriate resources (Professional Services or SIS) to assist with implementing Sophos products to ensure a quick and effective deployment.

  • Maximize the value of Sophos Products and Services

    Customer Success will help guide customers to ensure they get the most value from our Sophos Products and Services. Topics like Sophos Support, Customer Care, and Digital Support self-service assets.

  • Free of charge

    Customer Success is a free-of-charge service for every customer with an active contract or next-generation product.