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Find out how we support MDR.

Support scope and communication methods

Scope of Support

Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year, including statutory, public and bank holidays. While 24x7 support is offered in English, we do also offer local language support (Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese) during local business hours.

Sophos Support will respond to and work to resolve problems (collectively in this document, “Incidents”) submitted by customers or partners and related to the Products’ installation, administration and operation in accordance with the response times, escalation procedures and status updates set out in this document, in order to:

  • Answer general questions not addressed in the Documentation
  • Address issues resulting from the Products not functioning as described in the Documentation
  • Provide help and guidance with respect to virus disinfection and the use of virus recovery/disinfectant utilities provided by Sophos
  • Provide help and guidance with respect to threat detection
  • Provide general configuration assistance to support-related inquires. This does not extend to implementations or new setup of of features/products.
  • For Live Discover and Data Lake queries:

In addition, Sophos Support will provide the components described in Section Enhanced, Enhanced Plus and Technical Account Manager (TAM) of this document.

Communication Methods

Sophos Support will receive and respond to Incidents through one or a combination of the following communication methods:

  • Phone
  • Webform
  • Online Support Portal
  • Chat